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Mr. Nasty

Mr. Nasty

In the beginning of his life Mr. Nasty was a clean boy but at around fifteen years old he began to like the taste of garbage. To him it tasted yummy, especially the bananas because they are fresh. The bananas have an irregular texture and shape. Mr. Nasty began to felt unhealthy because he was eating the bitter bananas from the garbage and rotten fish because he thinks the garbage is very healthy.
Mr. Nasty continues to eat garbage, but then one day while he was looking for food and then he found something bad. He found poison. He drank the poison, and then felt like he was ate too much food and he to lay down because he had a full stomach so when he stand up he felt sick and begin to call someone and he be talk to angry.
In the End, He never got at garbage dump thought now looks delicious for him. Mr. Nasty promised never in his life eats the garbage dump. Anyways he died right now..hahaha

Adjectives and Synonyms

Yummy: Delicious
Clean: Sanitary
Fresh: New
Garbage: Refuse
Nasty: Horrible
Angry: Mad
Garbage: Tasty
Irregular: Unequal
Unhealthy: Detrimental
Full: Complete

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art and All Stars 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Classroom

Wall of Faces...This was fun because the students used a template process to acheive the symmetry in all the faces. They created their own characters as you can see, but the foundation of the portraiture is the same. When I create the boards or display the projects it is with the intention of the work being together at the end. Doesnt it create something unique?

In our class, we enjoy challenging our brains with "right brain" exercises. This poster is meant to confuse the brain...Can you see how???

Our bulletin board. The palm tree brings us to the tropics of academics.

Friday, June 5, 2009

San Francisco is a beautiful city

San Francisco is a Beautiful City by Margarita Reyes
Yerba Buena
San Francisco is a beautiful city. It is beautiful because there is no garbage in the streets and it is not crowded. There are many Mexican people who live there and share their cultures by should people their art. In their art they write message of life (meaning of life). They usually write there messages in Spanish and English, so everybody can understand and enjoy.
In 1776, the Méxicano people immigrated to San Francisco to have a better life. When their arrived, ‘la tierra son buena’, so they called the area Yerba Buena. Yerba Buena means that la tierra was good for farming, vegetable and living. Also the environment was good. They can make chili with the vegetable. Mexican people eat chili every day. Many other people beside México also immigrated to San Francisco.

Look at the mountains and the trees!

La tierra de San Francisco son buena por la agricultura.

The discovery of gold
In 1849, people discovered gold, the effect of the discover gold was that their have now make business. Many store open to sell goods to the gold miners .Levi Strauss opened a store in San Francisco of jeans so the miner can wear them while working.
In 1906, a terrible earthquake almost destroyed San Francisco; the effect was that many people lost their home and died. The citizens of San Francisco came together to save San Francisco and rebuild it again .They want it to be Yerba Buena again and to be saved.

These gold miners are cleaning the gold so they can sell it.

In 1906, a terrible earthquake almost destroyed San Francisco; the effect was that many people lost their home and died. The citizens of San Francisco came together to save San Francisco and rebuild it again .They want it to be Yerba Buena again and to be saved.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Tulina And Soulja Boy's World

This Is A picture Of soulja Boy dont He look young ?

Early Life
Soulja Boy known as DeAndre Cortez Way , was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was born on July 28,1990, and moved to Atlanta Georgia when he turned 7, where he became interested in rap music. At the age of 14, he had moved to Batesville, Mississippi, with his father who provided a recording studio for ways to explore his musical ambitions.

In November 2005, Soulja Boy posted his Songs on the Famous Website of all time , Youtube. After that He started posting his own web pages on youtube and myspace.
In march 2007 , he recorded “crank that” and released his first independent album
Unsigned and still major followed by a low-budget video filmed demonstrating the "Soulja Boy" dance. By the end of may 2007, “crank that (Soulja boy) received its first airplay and soulja boy met up with Mr. Collipark to sign a deal with interscope records. On august 12,2007, the song appeared on the Emmy- award winning HBO series, Entourage, and by September 1st, it topped the billboard hot 100 and hot ring masters chart. In December 9th ,2007, Soulja boy was sued by William (Lyons a.k.a Souljah boy of the Mo thugs) who claims he first created the stage name “souljah boy”. Lyons also recorded a diss song using the “crank that” beat towards soulja boy called “spank that Soulja Boy”. The teen rapper recently inked a deal with Dallas- based company, Yums shoes for a line of his own sneakers called the “block star” and an apparel line.
Soulja boy and T-pain at the hip hop awards 08 '
Tulina's Opinion
I believe that Soulja boy is The Best Down South rapper of all time. His style is real unique and he has his Own type. Who you know that can make such Good music and good dances like him ? Many people think that the dances he make is real stupid, but me I believe I like it because he has his own type of style, and he’s real different from other People. He’s a cute young rapper who has goals for himself. He has a partner in crime who works with him and his rap Arab. When they both create something, it really becomes Off the chart. This is why I had to write a Story about Soulja Boy.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Loso's Way" by James Montgomery

The best rap artist in the game right now is John “fabolous” Jackson. He was born November 18th 1977 and grew up in Brevoort projects where he got his name. He blew up with his hit single “I can’t deny it” featuring Nate dogg off his 2001 debut album, ghetto Fabolous, and never looked back. Coming out of the hood he had to do what most people do that are struggling on the streets and want to get money. He sold drugs and made profit with his squad from Breevoort called Street family. His career began in 1988 while he was a senior in high school and was just 3 credits away from graduating. He ended up rapping on the famous DJ clue radio show and got signed to def jam. Fabolous said "I saw it as my shot to shine. But there wasn't really that much time to be nervous. I had been making up some rhymes that afternoon but by the time I got to the studio I forgot one of them. Luckily, I didn't have to battle Noreaga or anything like that. It was like he'd get on a beat and then I'd get on one. I made up the rest of the sh*t on the spot. I took advantage of the opportunity, that's all." You can tell when someone is talented and they’re the truth when they freestyle and forget rhymes but still have the ability to say something that’s fire rapping straight off the head. He has made 4 albums all together in his career so far. In 2001 he made his debut album ghetto fabolous, then returned in 2003 with his sophomore album Street dreams and in the following year he followed up with another album called Real talk. In 2007 he released his next album from nothing to something and it was number one on the billboards Top R&B/Hip hop albums chart. Every time he makes a new album he gets better and better. Coming from the hood he never changed and still remembers where he comes from. Mostly every song he makes he shout outs his street fam. He keeps it real and doesn’t change the way he acts because he’s rich now he still keeps it the way it’s always been even though he’s making millions. Being inspired by jay-z, biggie, tupac and other artist that have got there names off of rapping and keeping it street but still being able to have a large variety of fans of different race has helped him find his swagg and showed him what routes to take. jay-z is about to be a billionare coming from marcy to madison square in just a matter of years! this shows that just because you come from the streets and you make it big that you should have to change up. he made it big by expressing his feelings and talking about his struggles and things he had to deal with gorwing up in the hood. if you keep it real from when you never had anything to when you make it big you'll have fans that could relate to you no matter what because they could relate to you and what you go through. Fabolous made a song on his album From nothin to Somethin that shows that he's still hood and he still remembers where he came from. the name of it is called "Change up" ft akon.

Rich yung clothing:

In 2006 he released his clothing line, Rich yung. He gave the clothing brand the name rich yung not just as a clothing line but as a lifestyle. The lines name represents a lifestyle that many people aspire to live. The clothing line is expensive and is only sold in a limited amount of stores.

Friday, October 10, 2008

A Passion for O'Keefe: A Tiffanny Fraticelly Perspective on an Artist

Georgia O’Keefe
By:: Tiffanny Fraticelly
Class of 2009

Georgia O'Keeffe was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on November 18, 1887. In 1905, O'Keeffe attended the Art Institute of Chicago before moving to New York City to study at the Art Students League in New York20City in 1907-08. After working as a commercial artist in Chicago, she became interested in Oriental design. From 1912 to 1914, she worked as a public school art supervisor in Amarillo, Texas, and then moved back to New York City to attend Columbia, where she took art classes conducted by Arthur Wesley Dow. Dow's system of art20education was rooted in Oriental art themes. In 1916, she was appointed department head of art-teacher training at West Texas State Normal College, where she used Dow's philosophy in her teacher-training. She remained at the college through 1918.
Her Marriage
She met Alfred stieglitz a photographer who influenced her and admired her work but Their relationship became sexual, and in time, Stieglitz left his wife for O'Keeffe, who was 24 years his junior. Their love was deep, but their relationship was often stormy; Stieglitz liked city life, with all its noise and broiling activity, while O'Keeffe loved open space and solitude. Stieglitz's cycle of photographs of her extended arguably is his most lasting work.Married to Stieglitz, the proponent of modernism, O'Keeffe's early style featu red intrinsically abstract subject matter such as details of flowers and architectural motifs. Common tropes in her paintings were enlargements of botanical details. Shew was developing her own distinctive, and distinctively American style, an iconography that includes featuring details of plant forms that would one day embrace bleached bones and New Mexican desert landscapes, all sharply rendered.In 1924, she married Steiglitz. Though Stieglitz masterfully shaped her career, there was resentment as Georgia was the epitome of what was then called "the modern woman,” independent, while her husband, of German Jewish stock, had old time European patriarchal prejudices. He at first tried to control her, until they reached an understanding.
Challenges That happened
Georgia eventually had a nervous breakdown and wound up a sanatorium. But always, there was the art.From 1926 to '29, Georgia painted a cycle of New York City views, but her life's work generally focused on simple buildings rather than skyscrapers. Her paintings further simplified the buildings into an archetypal folk architecture that exuded permanence and tranquility.Georgia’s criticism found symbolism in her work, such as the sexual imagery allegedly found in paintings suc h as "Black Iris". Her botanicals subjects in close-up begged an interpretation focused on their generative capacity, and the possibility inherent in these works generates their force and mystery. Her works were full of energy and exalted life.Georgia began spending time in New Mexico in 1929.
Her like's
She became enthralled with the mesas, Spanish architecture, wooden crucifixes, fauna, and desert terrain. These all became elements in her work, which are characterized by clarity and unity, her subjects exist in their own worlds."I simply paint what I see," she is quoted as saying. Arguably her most famous visual trope, the sun-bleached skull of a cow, were eternalizations of Thanatos, a counterpoint to her early botanical work suffused with Eros. O'Keeffe did not go in for symbolism and argued that the skulls were merely symbols of the desert and of nothing else "To me, they are strangely more living than the animals walking around -- hair, eyes and all, with their tails switching."Georgia bought an old adobe house in New Mexico in 1945 and moved there after Steiglitz's death in 1946. The house became one of her most frequent subjects. Her style simplified details of doors, windows, and walls to where they seemed like unmodified planes of color, an abstractio n In the 1960s, patterns of clouds and landscapes seen from the air..

My favorite art

My favorite art work that she did was the Two Jimson Weeds painted in 1938. She inspires me to draw what I feel and I believe she had such a wonderful gift because painting like her that’s unique and I admire her very much. She died nearly 100-years-old she continued to paint until a few weeks before her death. She died on March 6, 1986.

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Greatest Commercial of All time?

iO digital cable reggaeton ad
Uploaded by joemande

Ms. Giunta happens to think IO Digital Cable created the catchiest commercial of all time. What do you think? Let me know via the comment section of this blog post. COPY AND PASTE THE Q's and A's in an email me AND COMMENT BELOW.


Questions to be answered in Comments? Answer in 3-4 FULL sentences.

1. What is the Demographic IO Digital Cable is trying to reach?

2. Do you feel they were successful in reaching their demographic? Explain why or why not.

3. Describe what you like about this commercial/what you dont

4. Is their a catchier commercial than this and Ms. G just doesnt know about it? Please tell which one.


1. Click COMMENT at the bottom of the post.

2. Copy and Paste Q's in the comment box, add your answers

3. Click NAME/URL below the comment box, (Skip the URL part)

4. Add your first and last name...

5. Click PUBLISH comment

6. View Blog with comment!


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Ms. G's Playlist

On of my students introduced me to this website, PLAYLIST, where you can search for basically any song and add it to a virtual playlist. Its free, conveniant and fun..Check out what your teacher listens to!

Monday, September 29, 2008


My name is Akeem Oliver and I never thought black people did BMX before Ms Giunta took my seventh period class to a BMX store called The Post. Before Ms Giunta took us on the trip to the BMX store called The Post, I thought about doing BMX but I always thought it was a “white” sport. Let me explain white sports for a second. They are usually in the category with snow or street, such as, skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding and rollerblading. Where I grew up, none of my friends played any of these sports, so I always assumed they were for white people. I also never rode a BMX bike. So, here I am interested in this new sport. Prior to the trip, Ms. Giunta made me research the sport BMX’ing and pro BMX rider, Edwin DeLaRosa. Edwin is a pro BMX guy from Brooklyn. When we went The Post it made me realize that it not a white sport because we met some pro BMX riders and they were black. Edwin De La Rosa was my assignment for the day. Thankfully, I had Renee to help me interview him. Renee and I interviewed Edwin Delarosa we were scared, but a couple of question it was like talking to a friend.


What inspired you to start? "Well I was flicking thru the channels and I saw the X trials and after that I started getting it to it"
When did you first started riding? "I was 13 I got my first bike for my birthday"
How did your mom feel about you doing BMX? "She was scared cause I was real young she didn't like it cause ill come home bruised up and she didn't like buying them cause because the bikes will brake and the bikes were a lot of money"
Why do u ride BMX? "I do it to stay out of trouble and it was fun it like a natural high"
How did u feel about riding BMX being that it a more of a white sport?"It was normal I rode with 2 white guys and 2 black guys"
Who was your role model? ”A guy name Mark Gonzalez, a Mexican cat”
What your first sponsor?"Animal bikes"

Dontre Martin's Tattoo Tattles

these are some sample tattoos the maily hurt lol Heres a Rugrat which I like...
my son tyga got his hole chest done in 8 hourz (above)

i dont know wat the hell his problem is but this look hot an painful!!!!!!!


Wow they hurt; they don’t hurt which one is it? I know they are addictive to me and others, what I am talking about am talking about tattoos. The tattoo age limit is 18 an over and younger you need a parent with the same last name as you.

My 1st tattoo I was scared “omg”. I and my god-brother went to get our 1st tattoos done at a place called Jinn’s Tattooz. We were getting them gone on our arm on the top next to out shoulders. I was getting my grandmothers name and he was getting his mothers name. There are many different tattoos out there to get put on your body, designs words pictures an also pictures of people an animals. The steps of getting a tattoo are:

1. Tell the guy or lady what you want.
2. The person will draw it out show you then trace ova it with an ink pen.
3. They will then take you in a room and clean the surroundings.
4. Puts some grease on a napkin and puts the ink in a little cup.
5. Then clean your arm and shave it.
6. Wets your arm with the solution.

7. Then put the picture on your arm of the tattoo you wanted.
8. Puts the needle in the ink.
9. Then he starts the tattoo.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kevin's Korner

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Camille's Insight Into BMX World

Before the Trip…

My 7th period Art Class got a chance to go into the world of BMX and to interview BMX pros athletes and get a gist of how it was “We went to Williamsburg’s only BMX store, which is called, “The Post”. The class left school at 1:30 to go to 127 N 1 St, Brooklyn. The class had a to chance to interview Pro BMX Riders and the challenges they had to face in order to become a successful BWX Rider. On the trip the BMX Pros showed the class tricks and gave the class an opportunity to ride the bike on the skate ramps. The class took videos and pictures of some of the BMX Riders and the crew members that worked at the store. Some of our classmates that got the opportunity to interview BMX Rider were Renee, Akeem and Kevin. “I was nervous because I really did not know him well, I interviewed Desmond a.k.a Blackman” recalled Kevin, but it was a fun experience for everyone to enjoy.

Inside the Shop….

Inside of the store there was posters of BMX Riders and their stunts and poster of their BMX logos. There was a section of BMW bikes all lined up in the back of the store and there was a shelf of new sneaker. Some of the sneakers on the shelf were DC and Nikes and in the front of the store, t- shirts were hanged up on the wall with BMX Rider on the t-shirts doing tricks. The manager of the store at the end of the class interview gave some of my classmates DVDs to take home.

My Role As Photographer…

My role at the BMX store was to video tape tricks from the BMX pros and to take pictures of the class. I had pictures of the BMX pro and their scars from when riding and practicing their stunts. While I was video taping Renee and Akeems interview they had a chance to come face to face with the BMX Riders and to find out about some of the successes of the riders and the challenges they had to endure to get were they are today. Another pictures I took were pictures of the skate board ramps and of the half pipe.
This is a ramp where BMX Rider practice tricks/ stunts.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


On 9/9/08, my art class and I went to a BMX bike store called Post Bike Shop. We went there to learn more about BMX biking. There we saw footage of BMX bikers, and also met a few of them. When I went into the store, the first thing I wanted to do was to talk to the owner, Troy Marrero. I wanted to know more about BMX biking from him. He told me a lot of interesting things about his store, and how he got to want this business. Here is a clip of my interview with him:
Name: Troy Marrero Age: 34
Occupation: Owner of Post Bike shop; 17 years of PRO BMX Biking
Insipration:"I always wanted my own business. I tried working in music studios, but it wasn't working out for me."
Business: “We get costumers who already ride BMX bikes, and neighborhood people. The age range of people who bye our bikes, are between the ages of 13-35."
Advice: “Do whatever you want to do, don't worry about trends."
Location of Shop: 172 North 1st Street, Brooklyn NY


Kevin's Korner: Interview with a BMX Rider

Desmond a.k.a Blackman
"A Very Talented BMX Rider"

Desmond showing us some of his scars when learning and experiences.

Desmond a.k.a Black man was pretty copperative with us to show us that his life all around and bmx is hard. sometimes you need to take or make risk to become sucessful in which is that of making ur self happy. Desmond a.ka. Blackman told us that "bmx saved his life".


Yesterday, 7th period I went to a Bmx pro shop and interviewed some bmxers and watched them show me and my classmates tricks on the the bmx bikes . My assignment was to interview the BMX pro, Desmond Rhodes a.k.a Blackman. He was a laid back guy so I felt comfortable straight away. Though Im not sure he was. Desmond wasn’t really a good interviewee but from what I saw and his surroundings I saw that’s why he was acting like he was. Desmond 19 years of life didn’t really have such a good child hood because before bmxing he was creating mischief and from he told me bmx saved his life.
As I continued to interviewed to Desmond aka Blackman and as I was talking to him I noticed that some of these bmx professionals were kind of nervous and probably never had interviews before. After I finish up with my interview some of the bmxers showed us some tricks and hints on how to ride a bmx bike. After a while I felt kind of interested in bmxing.

iTs KEEM first BMX Ride

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Yo this is me on the half pipe at the post for the first time. It was pretty fun but it was hard to do anything but i know after a while it willl be easy

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rose Rivera's Rants

In the borough of Brooklyn, any thing can happen, but Williamsburg is the top contender for all action in BK combined. Everyone knows there are alot of bikes in Williamsburg, with that high volume of bikers you also have a load of bike shops. But only one shop is there for people who have passion for BMX Bikes.That shop is POST located on North 1st street, right near the school. The Post BMX shoop is relatively new to Williamsburg and Ms. Giunta's 7th period class took a trip over there to pick the brains of the business owner and his team of Pro BMX 'dudes'. My role was a journalist and I got some great sound bites from Troy Marrero, who is the guy that started The Post. He had a lot to say about it.

"To make a business successful, you have to use what you know and what you love, and that you cant use other. Marrero also rides BMX bikes, has a huge passion for BMX. " if you have a passion for what you love to do and open a place up to share what you and other people love, your business will be a great business and you will know new and old things in your business". Working with people he respects and rides BMX with is also a part of Marrero's buisness plan. He and Edwin De La Rosa are partners in The Post. Mr. De La Rosa is one of the most well know BMX riders in the scene today. He actually took a later flight for Paris to meet with our class.

“Every business is different than another,”, said Edwin de la Rosa, the owner of POST BMX Bike Shop. He was speaking about how he grew up in a sleepless city riding his bike for many years. De la Rosa raised his shop for people who has interest in BMX bike, but he wants to spread the word, for people of Williamsburg know there is a BMX shop instead of going out to other places, which they have one near home. "

I took a taste to see how the POST BMX Bike Shop, is like and what do they do. When I walked in all I can see I clothing, different bikes and of course the big ramp, that was covered in graffiti. I was extremely excited to see something that many people love to do. It was a great opportunity to witness people do something that is extremely dare- deviling. I even saw how scared my own peers were when they all had seen, Blackman, who is a advanced BMX Bike, do one of the most craziest tricks, we’ve seen in person, instead of watching in a screen.

Of course, every dare- devil stunt can leave to a bruise that not only mark their skin and bones, but also marks their own memory. It may also take a stitch or two, but what ends up is these boys are going to come back right up, to do these stunts again, there is no way to stop these boys from what they love to do. I will honestly say, I will not even try to do a trick on a bike, I’ll just ride a bike the way it is. Overall, in this trip, I had a great time, because it’s my first time to see BMX Bikes and riders do amazing tricks, in person. Cool Right!?!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Post Pics 1st Upload.

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7th Period Voki

Hello 7th period Students...

We are going to be adding our BMX assignments to this site...

Get a Voki now!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ms G Assignment: Left Brain vs. Right Brain Debate

"Our educational system, as well as science in general, tends to neglect the nonverbal form of intellect. What it comes down to is that modern society discriminates against the right hemisphere." Roger Sperry 1973

Ponder This Quote and Answer Q's:

1. In 2-3 sentences, explain this quote in your own words.

2. List at least 4 'nonverbal forms of intellect'. Here is a link to the definition of intellect:

2. Which classes, if any, do you feel utilize 'nonverbal intellect'? If you dont feel any classes utilize non-verbal intellect, please explain. Give examples for each.

3. Outside of the school, give 2 examples of situations where 'non verbal' intellect is utilized.


Please use the comment area to either ask more questions or answer some of these...
What are 2 examples or ways Mr. Sperry (the man who said the quote at the beginning of the post)
would he feel that the educational and science world favor the left side brain folk more? Do we see this reflected in our own school system? If so, can you give a few examples? Perhaps, as a student this has worked in your favor, but maybe the student sitting next to you has struggled. what are two different types of educational experiences a left brainer could have vs. a right brainer?


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

R-Mode or L-Mode Test

Ms. G's Students:

Did you know you have 2 Brains? Your brain is really the left side and the right side.

The Left Side or L-mode is what controls your ability to sequence (put things in order) and be logical. The L-mode is involved in science and math.

The Right Side or R-mode is more about visual information but without the step-by-step... like recognizing a friend on the street.

Throughout this semester, some of us will have to work harder than others to activate the right side of our brains. Typically, art classes utilize your right brain more than other classes. Anytime, you are asked to be creative and express yourself, a teacher is asking you to activate the right side of your brain. The great thing is that we can all strengthen our right-brain functions by letting go a bit and allowing the creativity to flow...Read on...

From Art Class

Take the quiz below to see which side of your brain is more dominant.

When finished, do the following:

  • Click Submit. The computer will tally your score.
  • Right Click and Copy and your score (there should be 2 numbers-one for left and one for right)
  • Hit the back button on your navigator bar until you are back to this blog post.
  • Scroll down till you see the 'Comment' section. Click the word Comment.
  • Paste your score into the comment section.
  • Write your name, grade, art class.
  • Add at least one reaction to the quiz.
  • Use your email, or AIM ID to submit your response.