Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mr. Nasty

Mr. Nasty

In the beginning of his life Mr. Nasty was a clean boy but at around fifteen years old he began to like the taste of garbage. To him it tasted yummy, especially the bananas because they are fresh. The bananas have an irregular texture and shape. Mr. Nasty began to felt unhealthy because he was eating the bitter bananas from the garbage and rotten fish because he thinks the garbage is very healthy.
Mr. Nasty continues to eat garbage, but then one day while he was looking for food and then he found something bad. He found poison. He drank the poison, and then felt like he was ate too much food and he to lay down because he had a full stomach so when he stand up he felt sick and begin to call someone and he be talk to angry.
In the End, He never got at garbage dump thought now looks delicious for him. Mr. Nasty promised never in his life eats the garbage dump. Anyways he died right now..hahaha

Adjectives and Synonyms

Yummy: Delicious
Clean: Sanitary
Fresh: New
Garbage: Refuse
Nasty: Horrible
Angry: Mad
Garbage: Tasty
Irregular: Unequal
Unhealthy: Detrimental
Full: Complete


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