Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Camille's Insight Into BMX World

Before the Trip…

My 7th period Art Class got a chance to go into the world of BMX and to interview BMX pros athletes and get a gist of how it was “We went to Williamsburg’s only BMX store, which is called, “The Post”. The class left school at 1:30 to go to 127 N 1 St, Brooklyn. The class had a to chance to interview Pro BMX Riders and the challenges they had to face in order to become a successful BWX Rider. On the trip the BMX Pros showed the class tricks and gave the class an opportunity to ride the bike on the skate ramps. The class took videos and pictures of some of the BMX Riders and the crew members that worked at the store. Some of our classmates that got the opportunity to interview BMX Rider were Renee, Akeem and Kevin. “I was nervous because I really did not know him well, I interviewed Desmond a.k.a Blackman” recalled Kevin, but it was a fun experience for everyone to enjoy.

Inside the Shop….

Inside of the store there was posters of BMX Riders and their stunts and poster of their BMX logos. There was a section of BMW bikes all lined up in the back of the store and there was a shelf of new sneaker. Some of the sneakers on the shelf were DC and Nikes and in the front of the store, t- shirts were hanged up on the wall with BMX Rider on the t-shirts doing tricks. The manager of the store at the end of the class interview gave some of my classmates DVDs to take home.

My Role As Photographer…

My role at the BMX store was to video tape tricks from the BMX pros and to take pictures of the class. I had pictures of the BMX pro and their scars from when riding and practicing their stunts. While I was video taping Renee and Akeems interview they had a chance to come face to face with the BMX Riders and to find out about some of the successes of the riders and the challenges they had to endure to get were they are today. Another pictures I took were pictures of the skate board ramps and of the half pipe.
This is a ramp where BMX Rider practice tricks/ stunts.



At October 4, 2008 at 8:10 AM , Blogger Ohkono said...

You are a crackerjack photog! Now I can see you have raw talent when it comes to journalism too! Lets get some photos up to accompany this amazing piece...Glad to have you on the team

At October 20, 2008 at 6:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey camille great article! i think you are a great writer and that you do have a chance at journalism.Do you think you would become a writer?


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